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It’s 5’O Guac somewhere

I wanted to share my favorite recipes that I tested on family and that I personally love the most. This one is a great go to for an appetizer with chips or just a quick snack.. you can also pair with toast for avocado toast. I like this one for parties and taco nights paired with a margarita!

How cute is this bowl? I found this perfect little serving dish and loved the sayings on the spoon and bowl so GUAC ON!

This recipe is super simple

you need:

3 avocados


lemon / or real lemon juice (can sub lime)

white onion

minced garlic

Mediterranean sea salt ( coarse grain)

Cut up avocados and mash up, add in your ingredients! I prefer only a quarter of an onion

and make sure it’s finely chopped, at least a tablespoon of minced garlic-(garlic lovers add more to taste) cilantro, squeeze in lemon juice, add sea salt to your taste preference. Easy! Quick! Great for entertaining. I personally love to pair with tortilla chips and spicy shrimp tacos and my fav margarita mix which is Cabo and the organic Santa Cruz lemonade!

Enjoy! Let me know if you try it!

Michelle x

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