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Meet the fur babies

I would like you to meet some of the sweetest animals ever. Our fur baby dogs.

First we have Bentley. If your a lab person you already know! He is a yellow Labrador retriever. Did you know that in the 1500s they originated and these dogs were owned by fisherman and jumped into Icy water to bring back fish that had Fallen off fishing hooks or to retrieve fish filled nets? This breeds coat repels water and their webbed paws made them excellent swimmers. Bentley is a cuddle lover, obsessed with balls ⚽️ chaser, very focused and determined duck dog. He is currently just in the beginnings of training as a bird dog which I will share more in another post and if anyone has experience with training bird dogs I would love to hear stories and what worked for you! He is one of the sweetest boys ever and absolutely loves the water. We got a pool for him so in the summers he just lays in it with his ball lol.

Now let’s bring on Bronx. He is just a year old now and 95 pounds of love rolls and kisses and drool. His breed is called Dogue De Bordeaux or also a French Mastiff. They originated from France about six centuries ago, but can be traced back to the Greek and Roman Molossus. The French Mastiff was originally bred for guarding estates and hunting. They are extremely loyal affectionate and courageous and protective, and especially great with kids. If you decide to get one make sure you can keep up with cleaning their facial area for all the wrinkles and drool. They do drool a lot. Bronx is an absolute lover and thinks he is a lap dog which you can only imagine given his size. He is a big baby and he is very good about guarding the animals and loves to play with the goats. (Very nicely) he will sleep on the other side of the fence sometimes when they are right there. I love this face he makes with his lip!

Now for Olive! My little French bulldog! Her personality is just like the breed traits say easygoing, affectionate, lively, sociable, alert, athletic and playful! No wonder they have become a favorite breed in many households. Olive is a special girl and has a special story that I will share in another post. She is so funny and will chase the glare off your phone if it hits just right all over the house. She barks at the goats who just stare at her and loves running around the chicken coop and saying hi. She is pretty much attached to my hip And if I sit down anywhere is right on my lap.

Thanks for meeting my fur babies and learning a little about each breed. Also shout out to MW FIDOGRAPHY who took all these amazing shots for me. She can be found on Instagram @ilovedogsmuch209 she also posts amazing shots of animals that are in need of homes as well! So if you are looking for a furry friend or some dog portraits done of your babies check her out. There is also great opportunitlies to foster dogs if your unsure about getting one. There’s an online foster form at under “adopt” tab. There is always dogs in need of homes and love💕

thanks for reading


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