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Window sill green onions

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Did you know you can grow green onions right from kitchen scraps and left overs? Instead of tossing what you aren’t using why not plant some in your window sill to enjoy over and over? My kids love these with tator tot casserole topped with bacon.. just saying.. it’s a thing here. This makes it nice and convenient to not have to run out to get more at the store you just cut the tops off and they just keep regrowing to use again. Save money and self sufficient! Win win

first you want to take your green onions after you remove the tops for whatever recipe you might be making

Then you want to rubber band the bottom and place them in a container that hold water. I choose glass so I can see when to change the water.

That’s literally it! Then let them grow and Trim as needed! Super easy and you have an endless supply of green onions. I put them right in my window sill.

Thanks for hanging out! Stop by again and I will have more coming on how to take kitchen scraps and turn them into growing your own food!

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