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DIY Succulent bird bath planter

This is such a fun easy project! All you need is a bird bath

soil made for cactus/succulents

and the succulents!

Figure out the look your going for when you buy your succulents. For me I wanted some to cascade off the bird bath as they grow And a variety of different colors. I found a few from Lowe’s but I absolutely loved this shop I found on Etsy that will send you a bunch of cuttings and you can pick out different packages and amounts. Annies garden and patio is where I got mine. 💕 so pretty!

They came really fast and all were very healthy and had such a pretty variety. She also sends a little note for planting and the how tos!

soil is important for these plants so make sure it shows for cactus/palm/succulents on the bag.

Then placed my bird feeder in my flower bed where I want to enjoy it and filled with the soil.

then take your succulents and place them how you want them to grow. Overtime as they get bigger they will overlap and fill in any areas you left a little space for growth.

Super easy!

and you have your finished birdbath succulent planter! I feel like it adds so much to any little garden.

If you like this one please share and I would love to see any that you try! You can also do these with multi level fountains that also look amazing! Hope every one is having a good weekend I’m getting ready to make some Louisiana shrimp PO boys and a king cake to do a little early Mardi Gras celebration!

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