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Natural dyed Easter eggs

For Easter we decided to try a more natural approach to coloring eggs..

It is actually very easy And a fun project for the kids to try outside of the norm. its really interesting to learn what things you can use to create your own homemade dyes.

to start you want to gather your ingredients.

Gather separate bowls for each ingredient you will be using.. you will also need water to boil and white vinegar

you can use things like coffee, onion peels, paprika, grape jelly, wine, lemon peel, coffee, and more! Plants and other colorful items you can give it a go that’s all natural for dying your eggs.

Once you have the ingredients in a bowl add water you boiled to break down the natural ingredients and then stir in some white vinegar...

You will then put in the hard boiled eggs and let them soak. If you want stronger deeper colors you can let them stay in longer but I recommend putting in the fridge since you don’t want to leave eggs out sitting to long if you are going to consume them.

that really is it! Super easy and a fun thing to try with the kids. If you try this fun natural Dye project please share some pics I would love to see them 🤍🐣

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