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Ingredients needed:

Elmers glue clear or white

original Shaving cream foam

contact solution (with borax)

baking soda

googly eyes


food coloring (if wanted)

in your bowl depending on the amount you want to make we did 15oz of white glue about a tbsp of baking soda and then squirted in about 4 tbsp of contact solution and started mixing. Slowly add in your glitter and googly eyes And monster coloring for your slime. Add in a few squirts of the shaving foam this makes your slime more fluffy! Mix the mixture up really well, if it’s still sticky slowly add in a little more contact solution at a time until it’s no longer sticky. then just have fun and play with it! You can also get the neon glow in the dark glue and then put it in a mason jar for storing and the eyes and monster slime will glow at night! Such a fun diy project with the kids for Halloween! Grab some candy and put on a scary movie!

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